Update: The Sequel is Coming

March 21, 2018

When I sat down a few years ago to begin writing The Chase, I never expected that so many people would love this book as much as I do. For me, it was part of my healing after my burnout and career loss. I wrote a story simply because I wanted to, and that brought me joy. To have people actually buy the book, read it, and love it has overwhelmed me these last couple years. So, to those of you who have been so supportive, here is a long-overdue update on the sequel.




(If you haven’t read The Chase, spoiler alert. I’ll be making a few references to the end of the book. No major spoilers on the new book, but if you want it to be a complete surprise, move to the next headline.)


Book two is called The Choice, the reason for which will have to remain a mystery in this update so as not to give away the whole plot. The book, once again, centers on a two-fold story. One features the on-going relationship between Willis and Perryn. Their story picks up about six months after the Chase and gives the reader a look into how things have changed now that life is not all about training. That blissful retreat is interrupted, sending the two of them on a journey back into the clutches of a still very present Coalition and in search of a rumored group of “liberated” people who have embraced their freedom from the Law caused by Jaden.


The other storyline gives a lot more detail about the life and past of Sheila, who has suffered as a result of her article following the Chase. Hers is a search to find her voice again in a world that presents few allies. Seemingly all alone, Sheila discovers how she can best help those who are doing what they can to resist the ever-tightening grip of the Coalition.



The manuscript is written, and I have recently received all copies back from my beta-readers. With their help, I’ve identified a couple key changes that need to be made to the storyline, which has begun another round of editing. This will be followed by a hiring a copy editor for a thorough look at the text.


Once that is done, the big question is raised. Do I self-publish this book as I did the last one? While this would allow me to get the book out there sooner (summer 2018?), my ability to market the first book was limited. It did not do as well as I would have hoped, though everyone who did read it loved it. Do I pursue traditional publishing? This is a much bigger task, involving the hiring of an agent and hopefully contracts with a publisher for both books. Further edits and even storyline changes could follow. This would slow the process considerably but could broaden the reach.


Big questions with big consequences either way.



In the meantime, what can you my faithful readers do? Firstly, pray for me as I find the time to finish. This book is being written in my spare time, so progress is slow. A couple good pushes, though, and we could be talking moving to the next stage very soon.


Secondly, I am so thankful to those of you who have left me a review on Amazon. If you haven’t, please take a few minutes and do that. If I hope to make a go of self-publishing at all, I need a minimum of 50 reviews for Amazon to start taking notice.


Lastly, keep spreading the word. All the marketing in the world cannot replace the recommendation you can offer your friends who are looking for a book to read. If you are like me, you rarely read a book unless someone has told you it is worth reading. That makes you my best hope of getting The Chase and ultimately The Choice out there.


Thanks to all of you for believing in me and pushing me forward. The Choice is coming soon!


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