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The Underground is in shambles...

but a chance for hope still lives. 


The team is broken.

Fear has replaced hope.

But one chance remains.


After the devastating blow of the Coalition’s invasion of their compound, the Underground—especially their leader, Kane—has lost all confidence in their ability to help anyone. Quietly, they train for their next mission, not knowing when or if it will ever come.

Still wrestling with the doubts caused by her recoding, Perryn faces a painful question: what will she do if Willis is found? Though she once believed they were in love, her trust in Willis has been shattered. Facing him again is the only way to know if it’s been shattered forever.

In the hands of Solution Systems, Willis finds himself at the mercy of Dr. Campbell, the scientist authorized to carry out the Coalition’s intentions for the recoded prisoners. Using whatever means necessary, he hopes to make Willis his ultimate test subject for changing free will into obedience. Knowing his friends are unaware of his capture, Willis finds himself alone with only one familiar face—Jez, his betrayer.

When the Underground discovers Sandra, Kane’s wife, is still alive, Sheila and Lydia team up with an unexpected ally to reunite the couple. As the Coalition rises to subjugate the world once more, the team realize they must return to the Chase and seize their one shot to ensure the world remains forever free from the Law.


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