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When the game takes over

the hunt begins


Everyone plays Sides.

Everyone except Tyler Simmons.


The online predator versus prey game has taken the nation by storm, but the gameplay is not the reason for the intrigue. The clock in the game is counting down, and no one knows why. Nearing the end, the country holds its collective breath for the moment that has become known as Zero Hour. School is cancelled. Times Square is full like it’s New Years. A celebrity wedding is even planned. Tyler can’t wait for the moment to pass, so he can get his girlfriend’s attention to ask her to homecoming.


Zero Hour comes and goes. And nothing happens, until people inexplicably begin to flee the scene. The coming days reveal that players are becoming their avatars. Predators begin to hunt prey. Chaos erupts.


Discovering his sister Carley had secretly disobeyed their father and started playing only days before Zero Hour, Tyler must run to protect her. Their only hope? To find Zack Albright, the creator of Sides, and get him to shut the simulation down. With the help Brooklyn Harris, a tough-as-nails teenage survivor, the trio races to locate the reclusive programmer and avoid the predators eager to hunt them down.


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