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October Review: More Amish Sci-fi Awesomeness

Amish Werewolves of Space

Author: Kerry Nietz

Publisher: Freeheads

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vampires…and zombies…and werewolves…oh my!

Nietz has done it again. What began with his creative sci-fi mashing up Amish culture with vampires in the confines of space comes to a close in this third Realm Award winning installment of the Peril in Plain Space Series. This book is not short on pages nor on entertainment. I loved watching the stories of characters I’ve grown to love come to a close.

That said, if you have not read Amish Vampires in Space or Amish Zombies from Space, here is your warning that the following may contain mild spoilers for the first two books. Stop now and go read these great books!

The Amish community on Resolve has found a new rhythm of life, recovering from the second trial that brought zombie-like creatures to their planet. Yet, the aftermath of the conflict can still be felt. Englishers have begun settling their quiet planet. The vamperkinder are integrating into society. Families suffering tragic losses in the trials have joined together with new marriages and adoptions of orphan children.

Then, animal attacks threaten to undo the community.

What is causing animals, the lifeblood of the Amish community, to go missing or be found ripped to shreds? Have the zombies returned? Are the vamperkinder responsible?

Tensions rise, and it is all Bishop Mark can do to keep the peace. Along with the Drakes, Greels, Jebediah, Darly, and other friends, the truth must be uncovered as to what mysterious enterprise led to the zombie trial.

Of the three books, I think this one was my favorite. Beginning with the mystery of the missing animals, the book’s tension never stops leading to a truly epic ending that is bigger than anything found in the previous books.

Nietz takes the characters you have gotten to know so well and brings them to conclusion in a satisfying ending. You’ll find yourself rooting, not only for the survival of all the people of Resolve, but also for the future of the human race.

Once again, what could have been a campy premise is, instead, a truly fun sci-fi adventure.

If you love sci-fi—if you love vampires, zombies, and werewolves—if you want to see a new angle on some of these familiar tropes, then check out the entire Peril in Plain Space Series ending in my new favorite, Amish Werewolves of Space.

Completely clean. No language. No sex. Mild romance. Faith present, but not preachy.

This is the series I point friends to when they are asking for something completely different and refreshing.

Well done, Mr. Nietz. You’ve made a new fan.

The entire series is available on Amazon.

No disclaimer. I did not receive anything from the author, nor was I requested to write this review.


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