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November Review: Truly Epic Sci-fi Masterpiece

Brand of Light

Author: Ronie Kendig

Publisher: Enclave Publishing

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Realm Award for Sci-fi.

Realm Reader’s Choice Award.

Carol Award for Speculative Fiction.

The awards keep mounting for Ronie Kendig’s latest sci-fi novel. Having just finished it, I am not surprised. Do you want mystery? Do you want action? Romance? Political intrigue? Tension and suspense of galactic proportions?

This book has them all.

Kersei comes from ­­­Drosero, the only planet in the Herekles sector that rejects technology. Finding herself thrust across the system of planets, she finds herself at the mercy of those who would use her for their own ends. With only her wits and skills as a trained warrior, she must survive to discover what had happened to her family. Wanted by the Symmachians. Hunted by the Kynigos. Sought by the Iereanians.

Will Tigo Deken, the rebellious commander of the Eidolon 215 forces, uncover strange circumstances behind Kersei’s fate?

Will Marco, an honor-bound hunter with the ability to smell the emotions of his prey, find Kersei and deliver her as he’s been decreed to do?

Will Kersei ever be able to return home to her own people?

Kendig did a masterful job pulling the reader into the mind of Kersei, helping us see the mysterious technology of this system of worlds through her eyes. I found myself deeply caring about the fate of the characters. Sometimes breathless as I read, I felt as though I were running for my life with her, chased from all sides.

And the ending—oh, that ending!

No spoilers. No hints. Just. Get. This. Book.

I honestly wanted to throw the book across the room when I finished—not because I hated it, but because I have to wait for the second installment to come out. I cannot wait to find out what happens. I was left maddeningly frustrated and deliciously intrigued all at the same time.

Convinced yet?

The book is a clean read. No language. No sex. There is an attempted sexual assault, but Kendig tactfully handles this moment, focusing more on the emotions of the moment and less on the gratuitous physical details. It was nothing that I wouldn’t permit my high school daughter to read.

Violence is present, but never gory. Faith is also present in a common commitment to the “Ancient One” mentioned throughout the book.

Lovers of sci-fi will love this. Lovers of action will love this. Lovers of suspense will love this. Lovers of reading will be thoroughly entertained. This book deserves every award it has received.

I suggest you check it out and see why.

Available on Amazon or your local bookstore (support local business!).

No disclaimer. I did not receive anything from the author, nor was I requested to write this review.


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