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No More Excuses

“I’ll get to it later. I just don’t have time for that. No one’s is paying any attention anyway.”


All the above (and more) are things I have said in the last year. I had a dream of becoming a full-time writer, but you wouldn’t know it by my actions. Yes, I have been writing. In fact, the sequel to The Chase is written and in the hands of my beta-readers right now! But, to achieve my dream will require more than writing the next story.

If you look at my blog, you’ll see that I have been away for more than a year. In fact, it has been 10 months since I last posted anything on my website. This is because I have grown in the belief that my dream is impossible. I have checked my aspirations at the door of ‘being realistic.’ In the words of Brene Brown, I have “engineered myself to be small.” I have settled into the thinking that a few people getting my book and liking it is enough. I have reduced my dream to something too easily attained…too safe.

No more.

It is time to go for it. I may fail, but I want to fail trying. I’m still working out what that means. Do I move from independent publishing to seeing if a traditional publisher will pick up my work? Do I grow in my ability to self-market and get the word out about my writing?

Today, it means that I post these brief thoughts. It means I stop ignoring the process and do what it takes to get my dreams moving again. It means taking a step forward, so tomorrow I can take another.

What is your dream?

Have you said it out loud?

Or has keeping it to yourself allowed it to stay small and safe?

Friend, I encourage you to write your dream below in the comments as a first step. Say it. Let it become real. It’s scary…I know. Will you take this risk with me?

I’ll go first: I want to see The Chase trilogy written and at least 1000 copies of each in print.

Phew. I said. It’s out there, and I can’t take it back.

Your turn.

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